Sunday, March 06, 2011


As Royal Wedding fever hits England, it was nice to see William and Kate performing their first official Royal Engagement together. Crowds were gathered around, eagerly awaiting a glimpse of Prince William’s future bride as the couple launched a lifeboat in Anglesey, where William is currently stationed doing his helicopter training. The couple have a house nearby and are regularly seen in the local pubs and restaurants. Kate was happy and relaxed on home ground as she performed her first engagement for “the firm”. In the current economic climate, it was also nice to see that Kate has a thrifty side too, wearing a five year old coat that she had previously worn to the Cheltenham Gold Cup. The coat had been shortened to make it even more stylish and up to date.

As she walked around and shook hands with some of the many wellwishers it was clear to see that like Diana, Kate is a natural and knows how to work a crowd. As Kate bent down to shake the hands of some of the many children who had gathered, it was almost like watching Diana again. Kate even stopped to stroke the head of a little Westie terrier dog. Carrying armfuls of flowers and bouquets from a delighted crowd, it was clear to see that the public have taken Kate into their hearts. Her first public engagement with Prince William was a great success. It is inevitable that comparisons will be made with Diana and like Diana, it is clear to see that Kate is very much in touch with the ordinary people, introducing a nice breath of fresh air into the Royal Family. With all the recent doom and gloom of these recession hit times, coupled with trouble in the Middle East, the prospect of an upcoming Royal Wedding has helped to lift people’s spirits and given them something to look forward to. We can only hope that lessons have been learnt from Diana and Kate will have a much happier Royal life and marriage than she did.