Thursday, August 31, 2006


Today we remember Diana, Princess of Wales on the ninth anniversary of her tragic death in a Paris car crash. As hundreds of people flocked to Diana’s former home, Kensington Palace to leave flowers and tributes, it is clear that Diana, England’s Rose and our Queen of Hearts as she was affectionately known, is as popular now as she ever was. Indeed the Royal family underestimated just how popular Diana was with the British public.

Though the years pass none of us will ever forget her. With her tireless charity work and easy, carefree manner, Diana was a breath of fresh air compared to the other members of the Royal family, a true icon of our times. We will probably never know what happened the night of the tragic accident. The long awaited inquest into Diana and Dodi’s death suffered a major setback this summer when the coroner withdrew from the case. Some people believe a conspiracy was involved, others that it was the fault of the chauffeur who had been drinking heavily that night. Harrods owner Mohamed Al Fayed has been instrumental in trying to prove the conspiracy theory and the fact that he believes the couple were murdered. But whatever the cause we will never forget that tragic day when Diana’s life was so tragically cut short. Diana may no longer be here in body, but she is still alive in spirit in the hearts of everyone in the country. We will never forget her. May she rest in peace.

If you would like to light a candle in Diana’s memory or for any other loved one, go to the site listed below:-

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Still on the subject of hospitals, researchers in Dundee have discovered that blackcurrants can help to combat the deadly hospital superbug MRSA. Blackcurrants have always been regarded as a superfood, particularly good in the fight against Alzheimer’s, cancer and heart disease. Apparently the fruit also contains compounds which help stop the build up of bacteria including listeria, salmonella and MRSA. Goods news for all of us as MRSA can be fatal and is resistant to antibiotics. All the more reason to eat blackcurrants!


Hospital food has always been the butt of many jokes. However it seems that many of Britain’s hospital patients are at serious risk from malnourishment. Nine out of ten nurses have admitted they don’t have time to ensure that patients eat properly. Elderly patients are particularly affected. The charity Age Concern stressed that, “Food and help with eating it should be recognised as an essential part of care.” The charity is launching a campaign, “Hungry to be Heard”, to raise awareness of the problem and wants hospitals to introduce a “red tray” system, whereby more vulnerable patients have their meals served on red trays so that staff can easily spot who needs help at mealtimes.

Malnourished patients are more prone to infection and take longer to recover from operations and hospital treatment. It is a scandal and a disgrace that patients, particularly the elderly in our community should be treated this way. The blame doesn’t lie with the nursing staff who do their best to work with the limited time and resources available. The real culprit is our cash-strapped healthcare system. Some of these patients, particularly the elderly and infirm have worked hard and paid taxes all their lives. Surely they deserve to get something back. Instead the system is failing them badly. A Department of Health spokesman stated that a summit to discuss how best to care for the needs of the elderly, is planned for the Autumn.


The Beatles are still as popular as ever in the UK. The fab four’s album Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band has been voted the nation’s favourite no. 1 album in the BBC’s Radio 2 Music Club Top 100 Album chart.


According to figures released by children’s charity helpline Childline, bullying in Britain’s schools has hit record levels with an increase of 12% of children being bullied in the last 12 months. Bullying is becoming an increasingly common problem in this country, despite all schools being required to have an anti-bullying policy in place. It is even thought that there is a link between childhood bullying and anti-social behaviour in later life. The figures have surprised many anti-bullying campaigners who believe that the anti-bullying message has been so effective, more and more children are seeking help. However others believe that levels of bullying are spiralling out of control due to flawed strategies in schools.

Bullying is the new debilitating disease of our society, whether it be in the playground or the workplace, chipping away at our self-confidence making us feel insecure, alone and in some cases suicidal. It is important that we stamp it out, before innocent victims end up being emotionally and mentally scarred for life. Many children are driven to suicide as they feel desperate and alone. Yet still bullying continues with some children receiving threatening texts and e-mails, as well as being verbally and physically bullied. Serious measures need to be put in place to tackle the problem sooner rather than later, before even more precious lives are lost.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006


It was a successful night for British talent at this year’s Emmy Awards. Helen Mirren scooped Best Actress for her role in Elizabeth I, whilst Jeremy Irons was named Best Supporting Actor at the awards ceremony, held in Los Angeles. Helen praised the show’s writers saying that without them she wouldn’t have won the award, her third Emmy. Meanwhile Scottish actress Kelly Macdonald took home the Best Supporting Actress award for her role in The Girl in The Café, whilst Ricky Gervais and his crew scooped the Best Comedy trophy for the U.S. version of The Office. Congratulations to all of them!

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Monday, August 28, 2006


“An apple a day keeps the doctor away”, so the saying goes. However researchers believe that drinking a glass of cider every day could be even more effective. It is thought that English cider apples contain chemicals which can help to protect us against strokes, heart disease and cancer. Researchers are looking for some people who will each drink a pint of cider, to test their theories. I’m sure they’ll have no problem finding willing volunteers!


As Britain celebrates the last Bank Holiday weekend before we head into Autumn, many people in the country will be using this as an opportunity to catch up on household jobs and DIY tasks. Others will be braving the airport security queues and jetting off to warmer climates. Meanwhile at least a million people are expected to attend the Notting Hill Carnival, an explosion of fun, food and culture. The annual carnival is one of London’s most popular attractions, bringing a colourful array of costumes and music to the streets. The carnival also provides a good chance for people of all religions and creeds to come together in harmony for this multi-cultural event, as the streets come alive with the sounds of steel drums and Caribbean music.

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Sunday, August 27, 2006


It seems our esteemed Prime Minister, Tony Blair made a slight detour to the States on his way to Barbados to try and secure a book deal for his autobiography, although Downing Street have strenuously denied this. According to recent press reports, Mr Blair had a meeting with Rupert Murdoch’s publishing company in California. He is hoping that Harper Collins will publish his memoirs for a figure of £4million. Nice work if you can get it. He is also likely to make a tidy sum on the after dinner speaking circuit when he eventually quits as Prime Minister. Apparently Mr Blair intends to use the money to wipe out his massive mortgage debts. Somehow I can’t see the book hitting the bestseller lists, judging by Mr Blair’s popularity in this country. It will probably be a work of fiction, based on lies, like Tony Blair’s leadership, the greatest story ever told or probably the worst, judging by recent events. So does this mean that Mr Blair is planning to leave No. 10 sooner rather than later? We can only live in hope!


I don’t usually take much notice of the advertisements on tv. Some of them are so boring, it takes a genius to work out what they are actually selling. However being health conscious, I really like the advert for the new Kelloggs Crunchy Oatbakes cereal, which features William Shatner entering them into the baking competition at the village fete. Of course they win first prize! I think William Shatner is really good in those Kelloggs Bran Flakes ads. Bill has come a long way from his days as a Starship Captain! I can’t believe he’s 75! He looks really healthy and youthful, a good role model for Kelloggs. All the more reason to eat your Bran Flakes! If you’d like to see more of Bill extolling the virtues of Bran Flakes, go to the link below and click on "Kelloggs All-Bran Challenge".


Oh the joys of parenthood! Today’s demanding children are costing their parents more than £1,000 a year in must-have designer clothes and gadgets to impress their friends. Most popular gadgets include mobile phones, mp3 players and handheld games. How times have changed! When I was growing up, we never had any gadgets like these and managed very well without them. Apparently two thirds of Britain’s youngsters would be lost without their computers as they spend more time on them than watching tv. Could that combined with a diet of junkfood be the reason why so many British kids are obese? Maybe it’s me but when I was growing up, I never remember seeing as many overweight kids around as there are today. Computers were none existent in those days. Junkfood outlets were unheard of. Kids came home from school and went for a bike ride or played outside with their friends. They were a lot healthier than the kids of today. Whatever happened to enjoying the simple pleasures in life? Technology is a wonderful thing but not when it creates a society of demanding, unhealthy youngsters with no values.


Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie is teaming up with Britain’s Fergie, The Duchess of York (Sarah Ferguson) to help needy kids. The singer whose real name is Stacy Ferguson, is going to work with one of The Duchess’s charities. Sarah is currently the head of the Chances for Children and Children in Crisis charities, which help provide education and healthcare for third world children.

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Thursday, August 24, 2006


Good news for Britain’s tea drinkers, including myself. Scientists are now telling us that drinking four or more cups of tea is more beneficial than drinking water. Tea is a natural source of flavanoids, a group of antioxidants, which help prevent cell damage and protect us against cancer and heart disease. Some studies also suggest that caffeine in tea can help improve mood and concentration. Sounds good to me! All the more reason to have a cup of tea! I’m a big tea drinker and drink gallons of the stuff, especially when I’m working. My favourite is Yorkshire tea. You can visit the website using the link below:-

Happy surfing!


Whilst Tony Blair relaxes on his Caribbean holiday, a massive 72% of Britons believe his foreign policy is responsible for the current terrorist threat Britain is facing, including the 7/7 attacks. Meanwhile whilst the people of Britain live in anxiety and fear of further terrorist attacks, Mr Blair was pictured on board a yacht, sipping from a bottle of beer without a care in the world.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Posting a letter in this country has now become a military operation after Royal Mail’s introduction of the new weight and sizing price guidelines. Size it seems means everything under the new system, especially if it means Royal Mail can make a bit more money. Maybe it’s just me being cynical but a lot of items of post seem to be costing a lot more money on this new system, despite Royal Mail’s assurance that 80% of items would be the same price as before. I read the new pricing guide over and over but still couldn’t make any sense of it. I’m sure it’s not just me. I think there must be a lot more confused people out there. Why does everything in life have to be so difficult? Hopefully Royal Mail will see the error of its ways and revert back to the old system sooner rather than later. It was so much easier in the days when you could just stick a stamp on a letter and drop it into the postbox without having to think about it!


According to a recent survey by Satellite comedy channel Paramount, the majority of Britons prefer to hear jokes told in a Birmingham (Brummie) accent. They believe this accent spoken by British comedians, Lenny Henry, Jasper Carrot and Frank Skinner to be the funniest sounding!


As the level of child obesity in Britain continues to grow, a British diet expert believes that clothing for overweight kids should come with a government health warning. He wants to see labels sewn inside large size clothing urging kids to seek help from their GP (doctor). The professor spoke out after British department store, Bhs launched a clothing range featuring more generous sizes for larger children and featured a chubby child in its ads for “back to school” wear. A spokesman for the department store said the new range had proved to be a big hit and helped larger children feel more confident because they could shop for their clothes at the same place as other kids.

It seems a lot of these kids are following in their parents' footsteps, as more and more British adults are also obese, with many making car journeys of less than one mile, rather than walking or cycling. Tony Blair has appointed a new Minister for Health, Caroline Flint, whose main job is to get overweight Brits off the sofa and encourage them to get down to the gym. Good luck to her! Maybe the key is to revert back to the lifestyles we had in years gone by, when gyms were non-existent but because people had healthier diets and took more exercise, they didn't need them. Today's convenience food diet and sedentary lifestyle has a lot to answer for.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Muslim leaders have condemned the actions of British passengers who staged a mutiny to get two Asian men removed from a plane. The men attracted attention because they looked and spoke differently to the rest of the passengers, who were mainly white people. The majority of the passengers were wearing holiday clothes and t-shirts whilst the two Asian men wore sweaters and leather jackets, despite being on a flight to Manchester from the warm region of Malaga in Spain. They also spoke in a foreign language, which everyone presumed to be Arabic. The passengers refused to let the plane take off until the men were removed. The frightening thing about this incident is that the airline didn’t even stop to consider that this might be a misunderstanding or that the passengers had misjudged the situation and overreacted. They automatically assumed the men must be terrorists and had them removed from the plane. Whatever happened to being innocent until proven guilty?

There was also another incident where a British born Muslim airline pilot was escorted off a flight for no apparent reason. Many people of all nationalities travel on aircraft nowadays and we can’t condemn them because of their accents or appearance. They have as much right to travel as everybody else, whatever their colour, race or creed. If we start removing Muslims from planes, are we going to start removing drunks and yobs as well? Where will it all end? The recent spate of terrorist threats has thrown the nation into panic with everyone’s feelings and emotions running high. The downside to this is that it has made everyone paranoid. I agree we need to be vigilant at all times but we also need to be level headed and calm too. Otherwise we risk living in a divided society where fear and paranoia reign supreme and where innocent people are judged and labelled for being different. We will just be playing into the hands of the terrorists. One of Britain’s most senior Muslim policemen has already warned of the danger of creating a new offence of “travelling whilst Asian”.

Monday, August 21, 2006


Poor Tom Cruise! It seems that nobody in England wants him as their best mate. Tom came bottom of the poll of stars that people would like for their best buddy. King Kong actor Jack Black was No. 1.

Photo:- Courtesy of BBC Website


Good news for smokers trying to give up the evil weed, a drug which mimics the effects of nicotine could be on sale in Britain within months. The new drug, Chantrix helped over 50% of smokers to quit in a recent study. Also side effects are minimal, (mainly nausea) and can be avoided by spacing out doses during the day.

On another note, children's satellite channel Boomerang have banned smoking scenes from Tom and Jerry cartoons after an annonymous complaint from a viewer to a tv watchdog. It was thought that the scenes "glamourized" smoking to impressionable young viewers.

Saturday, August 19, 2006


I’m sure writer JK Rowling never anticipated how popular the character of Harry Potter would become when she wrote her books. The young boy wizard is now better known in America than our Prime Minister, Tony Blair. Apparently whilst at least 50% of Americans don’t know who Tony Blair is, they all know Harry Potter. Certainly Mr Blair could learn a thing or two from Harry. He’ll need to be a magician to sort out some of the problems in this country!


Naked chef Jamie Oliver was almost unrecognizable as he donned a latex fat suit to warn British kids about the dangers of unhealthy eating. In a filmed sketch for Channel 4, Jamie’s famous scooter collapsed under the weight of his heavy frame. Jamie has been on a crusade recently, even having an audience with Tony Blair, to get healthier school meals for children. Unfortunately despite all his efforts most kids still prefer chips, chips and yet more chips!

Photo:- Courtesy of BBC Website

Friday, August 18, 2006


Millions of Britons are putting themselves at risk of identity fraud by ditching their old computers and not erasing any data from the hard drive. An investigation found that as many as one in three dumped computers had personal information including bank details and sensitive business information still on them. Between six to eight million computers are dumped in the U.K. every year, giving potential fraudsters a chance to cash in by selling user’s bank details and other information. In an age when identity theft is rife, this is bad news for all of us. There is however a lesson to be learnt from this. Deleting computer files is not enough. The only way to ensure complete security is to run a programme to completely wipe the hard drive of any sensitive information. I’ll certainly be doing this when my own p.c. reaches the end of its lifespan.


British pubs want the government to ban supermarkets from selling cheap beer, saying they believe it encourages binge drinking. For a long time in this country, people have paid a high price to stand drinking in smokey pubs, breathing in second hand smoke, paying out a small fortune for a night out. If pubs want to have the monopoly on beer purchases, they should lower their prices and then people wouldn’t head off to the supermarket in search of cheap deals. The majority of people that purchase beer at supermarkets, buy it as part of their weekly shop, to be consumed later. So for pubs to say that supermarket deals encourage binge drinking is a bit far-fetched. They are just afraid they are going to lose their already large share of a very profitable drinks market.

Meanwhile Essex Police have launched a scheme to reduce drink and drug related violence and crime. Pubs will be given up to five stars depending how far they go to ensure a safe environment for drinkers and residents living nearby. Maybe it should be implemented throughout the country. It sounds like a good idea!

Thursday, August 17, 2006


New Yorkers were surprised to see British pop star Boy George sweeping the streets in New York. The former Culture Club singer was watched by an army of photographers whilst doing community service, his punishment for wasting police time after falsely reporting a burglary at his Manhattan apartment. Police arrived at the apartment to find no signs of a break-in but discovered cocaine. The drugs charges were dropped after George pleaded guilty to wasting police time and agreed to attend a drug rehabilitation programme in England. As photographers moved in for a closer shot of the flamboyant singer, he snapped that they were stopping him from doing his work. George certainly stood out with his bright orange jacket, wrap around sunglasses and trainers with no socks. Street cleaners never looked so good!

Photo:- Courtesy of BBC Website


A young girl’s passport application was refused because she had bare shoulders in her passport photograph, something that would cause offence to muslims. This is despite the fact that no mention of this is made on the passport application forms. It sounds like bureaucracy gone mad to me. The girl’s mother was told that the Passport Office had rejected other applications because of this. In an age when we even have politically correct bedtime stories for children, this is taking things a bit too far.

Meanwhile Simon Howarth was astonished to receive his new passport, all stamped with his name and details inside but displaying the photo of a total stranger! The unknown man in the photo had thinning hair, whilst Simon has a full head of hair. It is not known how the error occurred as Simon’s expired passport with his original photo displayed was sent back in the same envelope. This was a massive mistake by the Passport Office, especially in view of the current heightened security measures. The Passport Office dismissed the error as, “a one-off technical printing glitch”. Apparently their engineers are looking into the problem.


It seems that the security at Britain’s airports isn’t as tight as we originally thought. Apparently a 12 year old boy managed to sneak past security lines at Gatwick and board a flight without anyone noticing! Nobody knows exactly how he managed to do it. But if a 12 year old boy could sneak through easily then so could a terrorist. The system isn’t foolproof and there is obviously a loophole somewhere. The boy, who had escaped from a children’s home, was only discovered just before the plane took off, when the crew checked the manifest. He had managed to board the plane with no passport or documentation of any kind. If he had been a terrorist, the consequences don’t bear thinking about. Gatwick has now launched a full security investigation to see what went wrong.

We’re also told that because of tight security checks, there are long delays and queues because there aren’t enough staff to cope with the extra checks. After 9/11 there was always the threat of further terrorist activity. The British Airports Authority were well aware of this and should have had resources in place to cope with it. In some cases, planes are taking off minus passengers, luggage or both. At least 20,000 pieces of luggage have gone missing already. The whole system seems to be a shambles. Maybe it’s time the whole security system at Britain’s airports was seriously overhauled. Meanwhile the terrorists are having the last laugh as many hardworking Britons heading for their annual break suffer the misery of delays, cancelled flights and lost luggage. The British Airports Authority owe it to the people of Britain to clear the backlog and get everyone flying again. Only then can we as a nation stand defiant in the face of a terrorist threat.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


British comedian Peter Kay is in the news this week. ”Garlic’s the future I’ve tasted it” has been voted the best one-liner in tv comedy history in a poll commissioned by satellite channel UKTV Gold. The phrase was uttered by Peter in the popular British tv series Phoenix Nights. Well done to him!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


The phenomenal success of Harry Potter earned author JK Rowling a staggering £77 per minute of last year. Nice work if you can get it! JK Rowling is the only non-American to appear in Forbes Magazine’s Top Ten Celebrity Pay Packets for last year. She comes in ninth with estimated earnings of £41million. Wow! Not bad when you think that the idea for Harry Potter was something that just popped into her head on a train journey!


Britain’s airports have been left in chaos in the wake of last week’s terrorist threat to blow up planes bound for the States. The government has now lowered the terrorist threat from critical to severe, believing that the main culprits in last week’s terror plot have now been arrested. Hand baggage restrictions have also been lifted with passengers now allowed to take one small item of hand baggage on board planes. However liquids, apart from medicine or baby milk are still banned. Unfortunately many passengers arriving at Heathrow and Gatwick Airports were told that despite government restrictions being lifted, no hand luggage was being checked in. Further delays were then encountered as passengers had to hastily re-pack or check in items of hand baggage. Many flights are still being cancelled, with passengers facing long delays due to extra security checks. It seems that despite warnings of further attacks after 9/11, airport bosses had failed to plan ahead and were just not prepared for a terrorist threat. Home Secretary John Reid has urged the public to remain vigilant as there is a still a serious threat of further terrorist attacks. The events of the past few days have certainly boosted John Reid's profile, with many people saying he could be the country's next Prime Minister.


Snacking is fast becoming the nation’s favourite pastime, with one in ten Britons preferring to have a snack rather than a proper meal. Women it seems are the worst culprits, stashing snacks in desk drawers, handbags and cars. The nation’s favourite snack is a packet of crisps, followed by chocolate and biscuits. Unfortunately healthy snacks like fruit just don’t taste the same!

Sunday, August 13, 2006


Britain is currently facing the biggest threat to its national security since World War Two. The nation is full of terrified people, especially those due to fly (like myself), wondering where the terrorists are going to strike next. Where is our Prime Minister, Tony Blair at this critical time? He is holidaying in Barbados as unconcerned as the day. Unlike his American counterpart, George Bush, Tony Blair didn’t even interrupt his holiday to speak to the people of Britain and calm their fears or give them any sort of reassurance. Instead he left for his holiday even though he was warned 48 hours before the general public that Britain faced a massive terrorist threat. Being Prime Minister requires commitment, you can't afford to be complacent in times like these, even if it means interrupting a holiday to address the nation. It is not surprising that Mr Blair’s popularity is on a downward slide. How can the British public have any confidence in a Prime Minister who behaves like this.


I smiled to myself when I heard the story about the 76 year old British great grandmother, Annie Gillat, who received a letter from her local hospital confirming she was pregnant and had an appointment for a checkup at the local maternity clinic. This must have been the mother of all blunders (pardon the pun!) Naturally Annie was shocked and stunned when she opened the letter. It seems the mixup must have occurred when she visited her doctor for a routine checkup and blood test. The hospital apologized saying it was an “administration error”.


London has been named as the most expensive city in the world in which to live according to a recent bank study.

Friday, August 11, 2006


There was chaos at Britain’s airports yesterday after it was revealed that British Intelligence had foiled a terrorist plot to cause “mass murder on an unimaginable scale” by blowing up at least ten planes on route to American cities. Many British and foreign flight operators cancelled flights, leaving tens of thousands of passengers stranded. The terror level at Britain’s airports has now been raised to critical and security measures tightened. Long queues formed at the nation’s airports as all passengers were hand searched and their footwear and anything they were carrying was x rayed and screened. Many outbound and inbound flights have been cancelled and passengers are not allowed hand baggage, apart from critical items which must be placed in a clear plastic bag. Those travelling with babies are required to taste the contents of baby’s milk bottles, before being allowed to take them on board. Twenty four people have now been arrested over the terrorist plot, which involved smuggling liquid explosives in hand luggage and detonating them.


The divorce battle between Paul McCartney and Heather Mills is growing increasingly bitter by the day. Comparisons have been made between Charles and Diana’s divorce, after Paul hired Fiona Shackleton, who represented Charles in the divorce. This week Heather Mills was angered by the discovery that Paul McCartney had changed all the locks on the home they once shared and she was unable to gain entry to drop off their daughter, Beatrice. McCartney’s camp hit back by saying that Heather had arrived unannounced at the house as part of a publicity stunt. Heather then responded by hiring Princess Diana’s lawyer, Anthony Julius, to handle her divorce case. What a shame things have now reached this stage. What happened to the amicable settlement that the couple discussed? Maybe the warring couple should spare a thought for their little daughter Beatrice whose the real sufferer in all this.


A report this week highlighted the dramatic rise of knife crime in Britain. It reveals a massive 73% rise in the number of muggers carrying knives. In addition up to 57,000 of under 25 year olds are stabbed every year. The Home Office plans to increase the penalty for carrying knives from two to four years and also raise the age limit for buying knives from 16 to 18. In addition teachers will be given power to search pupils for weapons.


Former Roxy Music singer Bryan Ferry is the latest celeb to model Marks and Spencer clothes. Bryan will appear in a nationwide advertising campaign for the store’s Autograph range from next month onwards. The sauve singer was photographed by famous lensman David Bailey for the M & S campaign. He said it was great to work with such an icon as David Bailey on the shoot.

Thursday, August 10, 2006


A lorry driver was jailed for 4 years for ploughing into a car and killing the driver whilst using his mobile phone. Trinity Taylor died at the scene from massive internal injuries, as the force of John Payne’s lorry crushed her car in half and caused a pile up with other vehicles. Mobile phones are the new curse of our society. I have seen several people using them whilst driving, openly flouting the law. I personally think there should be much tougher penalties introduced. This was a young girl who had her whole life ahead of her and everything to live for. How many more mindless deaths will it take before people sit up and take note of how dangerous it is to use mobiles whilst driving. A four year jail term is an insult to this young woman’s memory. John Payne got off lightly.

Monday, August 07, 2006


Congratulations to British racing driver Jenson Button on his first Formula One victory at the Hungarian Grand Prix.


More Britons than ever want to turn their dream of having a new life abroad into a reality. According to a recent BBC survey, the number of people hoping to emigrate has doubled in the last three years.


British householders now face £110 on the spot fines if they put their rubbish out on the wrong day! Sounds like another way for local councils to line their pockets to me! Then there was the case of the first householder, a mum of three, to be prosecuted for putting the wrong sort of rubbish in her recycling bin. (Fortunately she was cleared). Yet we have murderers and paedophiles walking the streets. Is the world going mad? Where will it all end? In the loony bin I shouldn’t wonder. Apparently local councils in this country have got nothing better to worry about than what day we put out the rubbish!

Sunday, August 06, 2006


A new cancer drug, Sutent has been launched in the U.K. this week, offering hope to thousands of cancer sufferers. Sutent licensed to treat deadly cancers affecting the kidney and gut is one of a new generation of “magic bullet” treatments, which attack specific tumour targets. It may also be an effective treatment against breast, lung and pancreatic cancer. Sutent has been proven to shrink tumours and stop the progression of cancer. Let’s just hope that local authorities are willing to allocate funding so that patients can be treated with the new drug.


In the news this week, a big fire at Pinewood Studios has destroyed the set of the new James Bond movie, Casino Royale. Fortunately filming for the new movie due for release in November had already been completed. Staff at Pinewood were in the process of dismantling and removing some of the Bond film sets. The cause of the blaze is not yet known.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Phew! Weather forecasters have revealed that Wednesday was the hottest day in July since records began! Meanwhile the south of England is experiencing the worst drought since the 1930’s. Movie producer Woody Allen currently shooting a movie on Brighton beach, had his knuckles rapped by the Water Board for his extravagant use of tap water to create, “rain.” He is now using sea water instead!