Sunday, August 27, 2006


It seems our esteemed Prime Minister, Tony Blair made a slight detour to the States on his way to Barbados to try and secure a book deal for his autobiography, although Downing Street have strenuously denied this. According to recent press reports, Mr Blair had a meeting with Rupert Murdoch’s publishing company in California. He is hoping that Harper Collins will publish his memoirs for a figure of £4million. Nice work if you can get it. He is also likely to make a tidy sum on the after dinner speaking circuit when he eventually quits as Prime Minister. Apparently Mr Blair intends to use the money to wipe out his massive mortgage debts. Somehow I can’t see the book hitting the bestseller lists, judging by Mr Blair’s popularity in this country. It will probably be a work of fiction, based on lies, like Tony Blair’s leadership, the greatest story ever told or probably the worst, judging by recent events. So does this mean that Mr Blair is planning to leave No. 10 sooner rather than later? We can only live in hope!

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