Thursday, August 31, 2006


According to figures released by children’s charity helpline Childline, bullying in Britain’s schools has hit record levels with an increase of 12% of children being bullied in the last 12 months. Bullying is becoming an increasingly common problem in this country, despite all schools being required to have an anti-bullying policy in place. It is even thought that there is a link between childhood bullying and anti-social behaviour in later life. The figures have surprised many anti-bullying campaigners who believe that the anti-bullying message has been so effective, more and more children are seeking help. However others believe that levels of bullying are spiralling out of control due to flawed strategies in schools.

Bullying is the new debilitating disease of our society, whether it be in the playground or the workplace, chipping away at our self-confidence making us feel insecure, alone and in some cases suicidal. It is important that we stamp it out, before innocent victims end up being emotionally and mentally scarred for life. Many children are driven to suicide as they feel desperate and alone. Yet still bullying continues with some children receiving threatening texts and e-mails, as well as being verbally and physically bullied. Serious measures need to be put in place to tackle the problem sooner rather than later, before even more precious lives are lost.


Sheila said...

Not only do other children bully but teachers can be guilty of it as well. There's an organization here in Montgomery called the Southern Poverty Law Center which has a division devoted to Teaching Tolerance. They provide seminars and training and my son's teacher last year presented to parents a program wherein this was discussed. On a personal level, my outspoken senior was bullied by one of his teachers (a former Air Force colonel) for a political viewpoint (my son refused to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance). His principal, fortunately, skillfully handled the matter and he has a letter stating that we are aware of his position.

Anonymous said...

i'm bullied and i hate it. it hurts so much but i dont know hat to do. I have friends but everyone calls me wierd stupid and a retard just because i'm not a chav or i dont pile my face up with make-up and eye liner the main culprit is Charlotte Williams and goes to Chilton Chantelo