Wednesday, August 23, 2006


As the level of child obesity in Britain continues to grow, a British diet expert believes that clothing for overweight kids should come with a government health warning. He wants to see labels sewn inside large size clothing urging kids to seek help from their GP (doctor). The professor spoke out after British department store, Bhs launched a clothing range featuring more generous sizes for larger children and featured a chubby child in its ads for “back to school” wear. A spokesman for the department store said the new range had proved to be a big hit and helped larger children feel more confident because they could shop for their clothes at the same place as other kids.

It seems a lot of these kids are following in their parents' footsteps, as more and more British adults are also obese, with many making car journeys of less than one mile, rather than walking or cycling. Tony Blair has appointed a new Minister for Health, Caroline Flint, whose main job is to get overweight Brits off the sofa and encourage them to get down to the gym. Good luck to her! Maybe the key is to revert back to the lifestyles we had in years gone by, when gyms were non-existent but because people had healthier diets and took more exercise, they didn't need them. Today's convenience food diet and sedentary lifestyle has a lot to answer for.


Sheila said...

Interesting. Do we need our governments to tell us that we are getting too fat? I put the blame on parents who have failed to serve their children proper diets. We set the course for the habits they carry. I wish I'd been a better mom on that front. It's not only lack of exercise, but the kinds of food we are consuming.

Naomi said...

That's very true Sheila. I think our government has an ulterior motive for telling everybody to get healthy - they don't want any more financial strain on the NHS (Britain's health service)!