Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Britain’s airports have been left in chaos in the wake of last week’s terrorist threat to blow up planes bound for the States. The government has now lowered the terrorist threat from critical to severe, believing that the main culprits in last week’s terror plot have now been arrested. Hand baggage restrictions have also been lifted with passengers now allowed to take one small item of hand baggage on board planes. However liquids, apart from medicine or baby milk are still banned. Unfortunately many passengers arriving at Heathrow and Gatwick Airports were told that despite government restrictions being lifted, no hand luggage was being checked in. Further delays were then encountered as passengers had to hastily re-pack or check in items of hand baggage. Many flights are still being cancelled, with passengers facing long delays due to extra security checks. It seems that despite warnings of further attacks after 9/11, airport bosses had failed to plan ahead and were just not prepared for a terrorist threat. Home Secretary John Reid has urged the public to remain vigilant as there is a still a serious threat of further terrorist attacks. The events of the past few days have certainly boosted John Reid's profile, with many people saying he could be the country's next Prime Minister.

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