Sunday, August 06, 2006


A new cancer drug, Sutent has been launched in the U.K. this week, offering hope to thousands of cancer sufferers. Sutent licensed to treat deadly cancers affecting the kidney and gut is one of a new generation of “magic bullet” treatments, which attack specific tumour targets. It may also be an effective treatment against breast, lung and pancreatic cancer. Sutent has been proven to shrink tumours and stop the progression of cancer. Let’s just hope that local authorities are willing to allocate funding so that patients can be treated with the new drug.


madasafish said...

Hi Naomi - I read yr comment to my blog whilst in Greece and it was refreshing to hear from u - ahh, where do I start? We just got back this evening and it's now 1:30am - I can't sleep altho I am tired, so thought I'd check the blogs - spoke to mum at Gatwick and once again that opened the floodgates, as even tho I've kept in touch with them this past fortnight, it's dad I've been conversing with as mum has been to weak to even talk - during these past 2 weeks that I've been away, she has got to the point that she is permanently in a wheelchair - hasn't it happened rather quickly??? Yep, I do believe in hope, I really do - in fact that's what keeps me kinda sane - if I didn't have that, then what do I have? Mum is 70 on Wed (9th) - the family and I shall go to Ipswich to be with her but I'm not sure what SHE wants to do - it is really up to her - her confidence is going - she even said to me tonight that could I not have my mobile on as I always get lots of texts/calls and she just doesn't need that noise now - God, what has happened these past 2 weeks?? I know she and everyone else wanted me to go on this holiday but I'm glad to be home - maybe it was better I went when I did, I don't know what the answer is - what is this alternative remedy u spoke of? Be interesting to hear - also, mum was up for a trial drug but after hearing of the horrific side effects, she turned it down - I hope she didn't make the wrong descision .. I'd better get to bed I 'spose - he's snoring again, so it'll be me and the cats on the sofa - nite nite xx

madasafish said...

Hi Naomi - I did try to blog u around 1:30 this morning but think I did it wrong and it didn't show, so here I am again - I just want to say thanks for responding to my 'mum has cancer' blog - God, I hate that 'c' word - as u know, I was away in Greece at the time u responded as I just had to blog a couple of times from an internet cafe when I was having a low day -I took some 'Kalms' with me, which did help - the worst part was leaving the country - my husband didn't think I'd be able to go thru with it, but I did, we went and I am now glad to be home - it is always a crumb of comfort to read that somebody else too has suffered thru this abismal illness as I read the story of yr father - I know what you mean when you say we have to hang on to hope - that is the ONLY thing I have now to stop me losing it all together - I rang home and txted alternatively during my stay in Greece, but it was rare that I got to actually talk to mum as she was so weak, so at least I had my dad - he is my link to mum so it was ok just speaking to him - made me feel closer - mum has just simply gone downhill, it would seem, just over this past fortnight - she is totally reliant on a wheelchair now, whereas when I last saw her (July 20th, my wedding anniversary in Ipswich), yes she was weak but at least she could walk - now she can't - I am still hoping, as I am not a medic and therefore don't deem it fit to think anything but positive thoughts - she had her 2nd bout of chemo last Thur and is due again Aug 17th - maybe that being her 3rd lot we may then be told how it's all going ... plse keep in touch and thanks again.