Saturday, January 28, 2006


Still on the subject of health. The Government has also unveiled plans for the British public to have regular "M.O.T." medical checks at 4 or 5 stages during the course of their lives. With the incidences of diseases like cancer and heart disease on the rise in England, this has to be good news for all of us.

The NHS has had so much bad press lately. Maybe this is a chance for it to regain some face with the British public.


I was reading in the newspaper last week that the government is now talking about having GP's (that's doctors to any foreign visitors!)surgeries in supermarkets. What next? Apparently it will help everyone in England to have better access to treatment. I know people in England are much busier than they used to be. Everyone (myself included!) is all working longer hours and consequently people have a lot less time on their hands! Most people prefer to buy everything they need in a once a week visit to the supermarket anyway, rather than going to several different shops to buy things. So why not add a visit to the Doctor onto the weekly shopping list as well! Maybe with the current waiting time for appointments that most people in England have, before being able to see their Doctor, this system will work better. Let's hope so anyway!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006


England has a new No. 1 in the pop charts. Sheffield based band Arctic Monkeys have toppled XFactor talent show winner Shayne Ward from his no. 1 slot after 4 weeks. This just goes to show the power of the internet and the influence it has on record sales in this country. The Arctic Monkeys spent a lot of time promoting themselves on the net and built up a huge following on there. Looks like it paid off!

Monday, January 23, 2006


Well in the news this weekend, London had a new tourist attraction, a young whale that had lost its way and become stranded in the River Thames. Londoners couldn't believe their eyes when they saw the animal swimming along. It proved quite a hit with visitors to the capital too. People from all across England and worldwide (including myself) have been eagerly awaiting news of the animal's progress. Marine experts managed to get the whale onto a barge in a dramatic rescue bid to transport it back to the open sea. But unfortunately the whale failed to survive the journey and passed away enroute. This was one of those stories that touched the hearts of everyone in England. A sad ending to a touching tale.



Well it's Monday again - the start of a new week in England! That soon came round - weekends are far too short!

I spent a nice relaxing Sunday afternoon at my local carvery pub enjoying a traditional English Sunday roast dinner with my family. N.B. To any foreign and overseas visitors - that's an Englsh pub that serves food - they have three roasts to choose from and chefs to carve the roast of your choice and you then help yourself (buffet style) to as many potatoes and vegetables that you like - not forgetting the Yorkshire puddings and stuffing balls that come as part of the package - highly recommended and delicious! I love foreign food but you can't beat a traditional English roast dinner especially on Sundays! I'm looking forward to my next one already! Bon Appetit!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Tony Blair's young son Leo hit the headlines in England today after police foiled a plot to kidnap him by former members of the divorced father's group "Fathers for Justice". Despite the fact that armed police guard the Prime Minister and his family round the clock, their safety must be a constant worry. Unfortunately being famous and in the public eye comes at a price. The Beckhams experienced a similar situation a while ago, when a plot was uncovered to kidnap Victoria. Also Harry Potter author J K Rowling reportedly hired an ex SAS minder to protect herself and her family after problems with a stalker. Unfortunately everything comes at a price in this life, including fame.


Good News for our Chancellor Gordon Brown. He and his wife are expecting their third child. Gordon described himself as being part of "one of the happiest families in England". I'm sure everyone in the country was pleased to hear that. Gordon Brown's family deserves some happiness more than most after all they've been through. Gordon and his wife Sarah touched the nation's hearts when they lost their first baby Jennifer Jane(born prematurely)at 10 days old. Everyone in England wishes them well.

Monday, January 16, 2006


What a prospect! Unless the government gets it's act together and makes some decisions on where future supplies of energy are going to come from, everyone in England faces a gloomy future! We could be hit by blackouts and rocketing fuels bills over the next few years. Let's hope it doesn't come to that! I'd better hurry up and finish this before lights out!


XFactor winner Shayne Ward is still riding high in the English pop charts for the fourth week running, with his debut single "That's my Goal". I really like that song and like thousands of other people in England rushed out to buy the single when it was released, just before Christmas. Let's just hope Shayne's success continues and he doesn't fade into insignificance like the last XFactor winner Steve Brookstein.

Sunday, January 15, 2006


Sales of Olive Oil in England have dramatically increased recently, as more and more Britons adopt a healthier diet. It's a far cry from years gone by when many people (including my grandparents!) fried everything in beef dripping, sending their cholesterol levels soaring! As people try to adapt a healthier lifestyle in the 21st century, we are now more conscious than ever about what we eat. As people rush home from work, quick meals are now the norm and what could be quicker and more healthier than a stir fried vegetable dish, especially when the oil used is olive oil. We could definitely learn a thing or two from the Mediterraneans who have been using this method of cooking for many years. Extra Virgin Olive Oil in particular has many health benefits. It helps to improve cholesterol levels and reduces the risk of heart attack. It also decrease the risk of developing certain types of cancer, like breast and colon cancer. Sounds like the Mediterraneans have the right idea.


Speaking of starry eyed young Britons, thousands of fame-hungry school girls flocked to the capital yesterday, hoping for the chance of a part in the new Harry Potter movie, "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix", for which no previous acting experience was necessary. They were all eager to audition for the role of Luna Lovegood, one of the teen wizard's school mates at Hogwarts. And who can blame them! The previous Harry Potter films have been phenomenally successful turning Daniel Radcliffe (Harry), Emma Watson (Hermione) and Rupert Grint (Ron) into household names overnight.

JK Rowling is truly one of England's most successful writers. I'm currently working on a book myself and like many writers, if I manage to achieve a fraction of JK Rowling's success, I'll be more than happy. I'm a big Harry Potter fan myself, having seen all the films so far. I saw the latest one over the Christmas holidays and it didn't disappoint. The JK Rowling magic is still there! Like many people in England, I'm now eagerly awaiting the release of the next Potter saga!

Friday, January 13, 2006


According to a survey, most starry-eyed youngsters in England would rather tread the path to fame and fortune than slog away at school passing exams. Most would quit school tomorrow for the chance to become rich and famous. Good luck to them I say! With the likes of Posh and Becks and Colleen McLoughlin (whose only claim to fame is being engaged to a footballer) gracing the front cover of magazines, most youngsters see it as an easy option, a great way to earn money without any skills or qualifications. And a nice little earner it is for many celebrities! Sorry to burst your bubble kids, but in the words of Max Clifford, "Fame and fortune should be seen as the lottery, try it but don't count on it and don't rely on it!" Wise words Max!


I was sorry to hear of the shock resignation of the Liberal leader Charles Kennedy. It takes a big man to admit they have a problem and an even bigger man to confess they are an alcoholic. It's sad that at a time when he needed them most, none of his colleagues would give him any support, despite the fact he led the Liberal party to their best showing in decades in last May's elections. How soon we forget! And no sooner has he resigned, than the vultures are circling, with potential candidates waiting to step into his shoes. When you look at the state this country has been run by various political leaders in the past and they were sober(!!), I'm sure Charles Kennedy would have done just fine. It's just a shame we never got a chance to find out.

Sunday, January 08, 2006


Tony Blair's New Year message to the people of England was to stop moaning as we live in a "prosperous" country and should be grateful for our jobs, healthservice etc. I'm not sure what planet he's living on. The thought of having to work until age 70+ before you can retire and draw state pension (as there is no pension money left in the pot!), leaves a sour taste in your mouth and doesn't bring the word, "prosperous" to mind. Neither does the thought of having to wait months for an operation on the cash-strapped National Health Service. Wake up Tony and see the problems that are facing the people of this country!