Friday, August 18, 2006


British pubs want the government to ban supermarkets from selling cheap beer, saying they believe it encourages binge drinking. For a long time in this country, people have paid a high price to stand drinking in smokey pubs, breathing in second hand smoke, paying out a small fortune for a night out. If pubs want to have the monopoly on beer purchases, they should lower their prices and then people wouldn’t head off to the supermarket in search of cheap deals. The majority of people that purchase beer at supermarkets, buy it as part of their weekly shop, to be consumed later. So for pubs to say that supermarket deals encourage binge drinking is a bit far-fetched. They are just afraid they are going to lose their already large share of a very profitable drinks market.

Meanwhile Essex Police have launched a scheme to reduce drink and drug related violence and crime. Pubs will be given up to five stars depending how far they go to ensure a safe environment for drinkers and residents living nearby. Maybe it should be implemented throughout the country. It sounds like a good idea!

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