Sunday, January 04, 2009


John Lennon has come back to life again thanks to the wonders of modern technology, to appear in an American tv ad. The ad is for American charity, "One Laptop Per Child", which pledges to provide solar powered computers to some of the world’s poorest children. John’s widow Yoko Ono gave her permission for the ad to be produced. It is quite strange to see John alive again over twenty years after his death, although I think the voice they used sounds nothing like him. The ad is currently being shown on donated advertising slots in the U.S. John wears his trademark round glasses in the ad, telling viewers in a Liverpudlian accent that they can change the world by giving a child a laptop.

Using the title of his hit song, John says, “Imagine every child no matter where in the world they were could access a universe of knowledge”. Well they can certainly do that if they have a laptop, something that hadn’t even been invented in the days when John Lennon and the Beatles became so famous. John was shot and killed less than three weeks before Christmas in 1980. Fortunately we still have the legacy of John Lennon’s music to keep his memory alive. John is following in the footsteps of the late British comedian Bob Monkhouse, who was also brought back to life in a British tv ad for a prostate cancer charity. Bob died from the condition four years before the ad was produced.

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