Sunday, August 30, 2009


I’m really enjoying the new series of XFactor. It’s one of my favourite shows. I’m quite surprised that some people don’t like the new format. I personally think it’s a great idea to hold the auditions in front of a large studio audience. I think lessons need to be learnt after what happened with Susan Boyle and it’s more important than ever to get potential Xfactor contestants used to performing in front of a live audience. They need time to build up their confidence and get used to being in the limelight if they are fortune enough to go the distance in the show. Meanwhile across the pond, Victoria Beckham is celebrating after landing a guest judge spot on American Idol, in the wake of Paula Abdul’s departure. Victoria has been trying for some time to raise her profile in the States and appearing on Idol will certainly help to do that. Then again according to news reports this week, Victoria’s performance on the show has been strongly criticized for being “too nice”. Well at least she’s not being criticized for being nasty like a certain Mr Cowell!


Fran Hill said...

I vowed to myself that I wouldn't watch the audition stages because there's so much humiliation going on, but I have to say, I've been checking YouTube to catch up on the good ones everyone's talking about .... I don't like the new format because the cameras focus so much on the audience/judges/family peeping behind the curtains and I want to watch the contestant!!!

Naomi said...

I know what you mean! I wasn't sure about that Fran. But I think the producers probably see it as adding to the atmosphere of the show.