Monday, November 05, 2007


Fame at last! Gordon Brown has been offered a starring role in The Simpsons. Britain's Prime Minister is following in the footsteps of his predecessor, Tony Blair, who appeared in the cartoon show in 2003. Mr Brown was originally thought to be too boring to appear (oh dear!) but it seems the producers have now had a change of heart. The Simpsons already features a Scottish character, janitor and groundskeeper Willie. Maybe our Prime Minister could team up with him.

The show's producers are still waiting to hear if Mr Brown is interested in appearing, if not, he will be featured with an impressionist doing his voice. I've always liked The Simpsons and it would be great to see Gordon Brown as a special guest star.


Jackie said...

Can't stand the Simpsons, not my type of humour.

Gordon Brown came across badly at the World Rugby Cup, in a suit and looking bored. Our President who isn't even a rugby fan and very dull at most times managed to at least look the part (Parliament and TV even wore rugby jerseys for a week in support and maybe that boosted the guys to play that little bit harder, who knows ?)

Naomi said...

I like the Simpsons Jackie. I know what you mean about the different humour though. My Mum doesn't like them either. I think Gordon Brown's appearance at the Rugby was a dead giveaway, he didn't want to be there Jackie!