Sunday, September 28, 2008


It’s 1st October next week and early Autumn but it feels more like Spring here with sunshine, blue skies and unseasonably warm weather. Met office forecasters say the good weather is set to continue and we’re all in for a warm, mild Winter. Let’s hope so. It’s certainly good news for all of us with rising gas and electricity prices making the cost of heating our homes increasingly more expensive.

I was interested to hear that Britain’s chimney sweeps (who are mostly only found at weddings nowadays as a sign of good luck!) are making a comeback. It seems that more and more Britons are cleaning out their chimneys and fireplaces in readiness for burning coal and wood fires as a cheaper way to heat their homes. I grew up in a house with no central heating and a coal burning fire. My parents had a fire guard in front of it, so it was quite safe for us as children. Sometimes central heating isn’t always a good thing. I certainly don’t remember getting quite as many colds then as I do now. Certainly every time the central heating goes on at the start of Winter, I always get a sore throat. I always associate the sight of a warm burning coal or log fire with home. There’s nothing like it.


Marion said...

I agree with you totally, regarding colds when the heat goes on in the fall. I remember having a wood stove...the whole house felt toasty and warm. Heating with wood, in abundance here, is something I look forward to doing again.

Naomi said...

Heating with wood is a great idea Marion and I know you have lots of it there! Nice to see you again.