Sunday, September 07, 2008


A giant mechanical spider has gone on the rampage in Liverpool this week! The spider better known as La Princesse, is a giant mechanical sculpture created by French company La Machine as part of Liverpool’s Capital of Culture celebrations. Made of steel and wood, the giant arachnid has a sophisticated hydraulics system which allows engineers strapped to its frame to operate its legs, eyes and abdomen. The 37 ton creature can reach a top speed of 2mph on its articulated steel legs. The creature began by being suspended from the concourse building near to Lime Street Station. It appeared almost overnight shocking commuters who walked or drove past it the following day.

Thousands of people lined the streets to see the giant spider, the star attraction at the La Machine Extravaganza held in Liverpool this weekend. La Princesse is now going walkabout around the city over the next three days, before disappearing down the Mersey Tunnel! I personally think the giant creature looks quite scary. Looking at the photos and tv coverage, it reminded me of one of the creatures from the scifi movie War of the Worlds! Whilst it is an awesome sight, I’m sure it will strike fear into the hearts of those of a nervous disposition like myself who are scared of spiders! I’ve always been afraid of spiders so as you can imagine I stayed away from Liverpool this week and won’t be going back until I’m sure that spider is well out of the way!


~PakKaramu~ said...

Big spider attack?rtku

SandyCarlson said...

A lady with a sophisticated hydraulics system...That made me smile tonight. this is quite the creature!

LJP said...

That's pretty spectacular. May give the kiddies nightmares though!

Naomi said...

It was a big spider Pakkaramu! The biggest I've ever seen! Ha ha!

It certainly is Sandy! Glad I made you smile.

Yes it was a very spectacular sight LJP. I think some kiddies were scared but most of them seemed to love it!