Tuesday, July 07, 2009


A memorial to the victims of the 2005 July 7th bombings was unveiled in London today. Situated in Hyde Park, the memorial consists of 52 stainless steel pillars, representing the 52 lives that were sadly lost that day. Prince Charles spoke of a day of “cruel and mindless carnage”. It was certainly that. Whilst Boris Johnson, the Major of London stated that we would never forget the tragic events that took place that day. They are etched in all our hearts and minds forever. Let us not forget those poor people who were injured and killed in these deadly and mindless acts of terrorism, which left 52 people dead and many hundreds badly injured. The memories of that terrible day will stay with us all forever. Our hearts go out to all those poor people who were injured and to those who sadly lost their lives that day and to the families they left behind. May they never be forgotten.


Marion said...

It's a beautiful memorial, Naomi. Thank you for posting it...it was indeed a terrible time. My thoughts and prayers go out to the families left behind.

Naomi said...

We will never forget those poor souls who lost their lives that day Marion. The memorial is a beautiful and fitting tribute to them.