Sunday, July 19, 2009


Hello Everybody

I'm back blogging again after my break. I was only away for 4 days but we crammed so much in during that time. My Mum and I thoroughly enjoyed our trip. We spent the first day in Oxford. It's a lovely city. We saw Oxford Castle and also Christ Church College. We also went for a walk down to the river and saw all the punts on the river. It was very enjoyable and a nice way to spend a sunny afternoon.

Day Two saw us in Windsor. To get the best views of the city we took a ride on the little visitor train that takes visitors past all the best tourist attractions. Another good way to see the sights of this beautiful city is by taking an open top bus tour. However as it was raining heavily when we arrived, we decided to take shelter on the little train! Our trip to Windsor Castle was definitely the highlight of the day. I also had a ride on the Windsor Wheel, a mini version of the London Eye. It was fun and you get such great views over the city, whatever the weather. We ended the afternoon with a scenic French Brothers' cruise on the Thames, complete with commentary, passing singer Natalie Imbruglia's house and also Royal Windsor Racecouse, a fitting end to an interesting day.

We spend Day Three in Bath. We went to the Jane Austen Centre, which is well worth a visit, if you are ever in the area. We also visited Bath Abbey and the world famous Roman baths. It was also nice to admire the beautiful houses in The Circus, a curved millionaire's row of houses, situated in the heart of Bath. The prestigious neighbourhood was once featured in an episode of Inspector Morse, the film Vanity Fair and actor Nicolas Cage owns one, although we didn't catch a glimpse of him the day I was there!

The fourth and final day of our trip was spent in Cheltenham. Sadly it was raining quite hard that day. However, we consoled ourselves with some retail therapy. There are some wonderful shops in Cheltenham. It is also famous for Cheltenham Ladies' College, a college attended by one of my schoolfriends.

I've now back at home again. Glad to be back for a rest! I went back to work on Wednesday and it was busy, it now feels like I've never been away! I'll be posting some photos of my trip to share with you all very soon. Watch this space!

PLEASE NOTE:- The Windsor Castle photo shown above is courtesy of as we had some heavy rain the day we visited Windsor, it made taking some good photos a bit difficult!


Fran Hill said...

Sounds like a great trip, Naomi. You must be feeling all cultured-up! I was in Oxford the other day, too, looking round the colleges with some girls from school. And they went punting. Which they thought, of course, was fab, considering all the handsome Oxford Uni students who were 'chauffering' them!

Julie said...

Cheltenham is known for its beautiful gardens and quaint cottage style houses. Sounds like you had a wonderful vacation.

Marion said...

It sounds like you and your Mum had a smashing time on your holiday! I am looking forward to visiting some of the places you did, via computer, as I follow your links.

Glad you're back!

CyberCelt said...

Wow, I thought I took quick vacations! Sound like a wonderful trip and I look forward to the photographs to come.

All the best.

Palm Springs Savant said...

what a fun escape!

by the way, I adore bath, it was one of my favourite spots in England

Naomi said...

Oxford is a lovely city Fran. Great for culture vultures like me! Being chauffered by the handsome Oxford Uni students is definitely one of the advantages of going punting!

I did Julie. It was really nice. I enjoyed Cheltenham. It was my first visit there. Hope you enjoyed your visit here. Thanks for stopping by.

Thanks Marion. It's nice to be back. I thought readers would find the links interesting. Sometimes it's nice to be an armchair traveller!

Yes we did cram a lot in Cybercelt. I'm ready for another vacation now!

I'm not surprised Rick. It's a beautiful city and there is so much to see there.