Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Ireland led the way as Guinness recently celebrated its 250th birthday with live music in Dublin’s pubs. Singer Tom Jones began the celebrations at The Guinness Storehouse, one of Ireland’s top tourist attractions. Irish Prime Minister Brian Cowen hailed the anniversary of Ireland’s unofficial national drink as “an excuse for having a great party!” As some of my readers know, I’m part Irish and do sometimes enjoy a drop of the “black stuff” myself, usually on St Patrick’s Day!

However Guinness isn’t just popular with the Irish, it’s now a global phenomenon with some 10 million pints being drunk every day in over 100 countries of the world! It’s hard to believe it’s now 250 years old! To read more about the history of Guinness and how it all started, follow the link shown below:-

Guinness Official Website


Fran Hill said...

I drank so much of this stuff when I was pregnant with my kids. That was in the days when pregnant women were actually allowed to do stuff they enjoyed.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Guinness!

There’s lots of chatter about life in the UK over at Cofacio.com .

Would be great to get some of your expertise. Drop by.


Jackie said...

I have always liked Black Velvet at New Year which as you probably know is Guinness mixed with champagne .... has quite a kick though LOL.

My Daily Ramblings said...

It's interesting the queen's interested in reaching out to regular posts by joinging Facebook it would be more interested if she posted personally and some more interesting personal notes on there. Hi from Chicago. How's it there in England?