Monday, October 05, 2009


I was interested to hear that Channel 5 are planning to revamp and relaunch the old quiz show, “Name That Tune” with Ant and Dec as presenters. I remember that show well. I always used to think it was very good. (I'll name that tune in one note!) Comedian Tom O’Connor was at the helm in those days. It’s funny how some of the old shows are starting to make a comeback. I used to enjoy “Mr and Mrs” with Derek Batey too. The 21st century version is even better, hosted by Fern and Phil.

How many of the old game shows do you remember and which ones were your favourites? I enjoyed “The Golden Shot” presented by Bob Monkhouse and “Celebrity Squares” (which he also presented). I also used to enjoy “321”. Who can forget the star of the show Dusty Bin and presenter Ted Rogers with his wonderful upbeat humour! Bull’s Eye (you can’t beat a bit of bully!) and Play Your Cards Right ("it could still be a big night if you play your cards right!" according to host Bruce Forsyth’s catchphrase) were also firm favourites.

For a trip down Memory Lane, click on the link shown below:-

UK Game Shows

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