Sunday, February 12, 2006


I was on my way to the local bank the other day. As I walked along, I was surprised to hear the sound of horses' hoofs behind me. I looked round to see a couple of mounted police officers. It certainly makes a change from the old days when we had local bobbys pounding the beat (for any foreign visitors "bobby" is an English expression for policeman!). In actual fact, I personally think that's what's lacking in this country. We don't have enough police walking the streets anymore. I think the mounted police are a great idea. They certainly have a "high visibility" presence. Their main function is to tackle the problem of vandalism and anti-social behaviour in the local area. The idea is that they can stop and talk to people who are causing problems and deal with them on the spot rather than passing in the car. Also because the horses move a lot slower and are tall, the police are able to see a lot more of what's going on. The sight of police on the streets helps to bring the local community together, especially when they take the time to stop and talk to people. It certainly makes for good public relations. Everyone feels a lot safer. I certainly felt safer that day going to bank my firm's monies.

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