Saturday, February 04, 2006


The shabby state of Englands railway stations was highlighted by the government last week. I must admit I use the trains from time to time myself. My two local stations are both clean, tidy and staffed but unfortunately, (like most people), I have come across many that are old and dilapidated. Whilst new modern trains have been bought into service, nothing has been done to improve the condition of the stations.

Many stations are unmanned (there are no staff to answer passenger enquries). They are vandalised and full of graffiti, not giving a very good impression of England to any overseas visitors using them.

British passengers pay among the highest rail ticket prices in the world for derelict stations and trains that often don't turn up on time. Where does this money go? Surely Network Rail (who now owns the majority of Britain's stations) should get their act together and clean up our stations. Maybe if they did more people in this country would use public transport and leave their cars at home.

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