Sunday, June 18, 2006


Well done to Tony Blair! At last he has done something right for a change. Mr Blair has promised new laws to stop paedophiles being released early, after pressure from a newspaper campaign. In addition, Mr Blair is also guaranteeing full compensation to victims of fatal asbestos diseases. He is due to announce a new Government Bill on Monday which will effectively overturn a previous legal ruling which cruelly cheated workers and their families from getting proper compensation. The new bill will ensure that affected workers are not short-changed by greedy insurance companies and will make the last few months of workers diagnosed with fatal lung conditions a lot easier.

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Digitally Ignorant said...

What he needs to do is define between paedophiles and people who abuse children.

Paedophilia is a phychological condition where adults are sexually attracted to children. People who take this condition to the point of physically abusing a child should be treated as seriously sick rapists.

If the government were to seperate paedophilia, child porn offences and child abuse offences, then more people who have ill feelings towards children or who have problems with child porn can be targeted as having a phychological problem and treated to deal with their condition before it gets to the point of them abusing a child.

There is a lot more info on my thoughts and experiences on this subject on my blog.