Friday, September 08, 2006


I was shocked to hear the news about Steve Irwin’s death. Steve was Australia’s best ambassador and did so much for animal conservation. He was such a larger than life character, as he wrestled with crocodiles and snakes, he always seemed like he was invincible. But unfortunately none of us are. Steve’s passion for wildlife particularly crocodiles was inspiring and entertaining. Steve took a lot of risks in his work, trying to bring us closer to nature and helping us to better understand the animal kingdom. The only consolation for his family is that he died doing the job he loved, whilst filming a tv documentary. I’m sure he’s still chasing crocodiles up there in heaven. Rest in peace Crocodile Hunter, you will be sadly missed.

Photo:- Courtesy of BBC Website

Originally posted September 06


Duncan said...

I agree Naomi. Steve, for all his out-there ways, reminded people of their connection with the Australian environment. Australia Zoo has become a symbol of respecting and honouring wildlife.

Naomi said...

Yes Steve left a great legacy behind Duncan. Many thanks for including my post in your carnival.