Tuesday, May 27, 2008


The Duchess of York has spoken out over press criticism of her daughter Beatrice. Sarah Ferguson’s anger was provoked after a newspaper columnist published unflattering remarks about Princess Beatrice, after she was photographed wearing a bikini. Various other tabloids followed suit. Describing Beatrice as a “fit and healthy size 10”, Sarah blasted the press for the horrible remarks they had made about Bea and stated that they should take some responsibility for their behaviour. I have to agree with that. Just because Beatrice is a Princess and is in the public eye, it doesn’t give the press the right to criticize her. Unfortunately it’s one of the downsides to being in the public eye and a member of the Royal family, as Fergie knows only too well. Members of the Royal family deserve their privacy just like the rest of us and should be allowed to live their lives without the constant intrusion of long lenses.

Fergie, a spokesperson for Weight Watchers in the U.S. has proved a great success with the British viewing public after her show, “The Duchess in Hull”, was aired on ITV1. The show features the Duchess offering help and advice to an overweight family in Hull on how to improve their diet and lifestyle. ITV1 are said to be in talks with the Duchess about doing further tv projects.


SandyCarlson said...

I wish the media wouldn't make a fetish of the female body. We are who we are. I told my mother the other day one of the tabloids here ran a cover of cellulite-rippled backsides. She replied, "Oh, it comes with the territory." That was her way of saying with age and children come bodily changes. So simple, yet we punish our icons for displaying any evidence of being human--even our young icons. So sad.

Palm Springs Savant said...

wow her girls have grown up so quickly

The Gatekeeper said...

The press can be so harsh. Unfortunately, they know the public will read that kind of trash. Sad to say, but people don't want to read nice things about celebrities. Well, unless we're reading your blog. I think the princesses are beautiful.

Naomi said...

Yes it is very sad that society presents us with such sterotyped images of "the perfect body", Sandy. Beatrice is only human like the rest of us and looks fine to me. I certainly wouldn't describe her as being overweight.

Yes they've grown up really fast Rick. Time flies. It seems only yesterday that they were small children.

Yes it's sad that harsh and untrue gossip sells newspapers Gatekeeper. I think Beatrice and Eugenie are beautiful girls too. They're really growing up now. I'm sure Fergie is very proud of both of them.