Monday, May 26, 2008


British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has often been accused of being out of touch with the digital age and also the youth culture of today. Conservative leader David Cameron once accused him of being, “an analogue Prime Minister in a digital age!” But not anymore! Ten Downing Street have now set up their own modern version of Prime Minister’s Question Time on video sharing website You Tube. By doing so, Mr Brown is following in the footsteps of Her Majesty the Queen who uploaded a video of her annual Xmas speech to the nation on You Tube. Our esteemed P.M. is very excited about becoming part of the You Tube generation and described it as an “exciting new initiative”, believing it will bring him to a wider audience, particularly of young people. I’m not sure it will do anything to improve his flagging popularity though! But you can’t have everything!

Members of the public will now be able to ask Mr Brown questions on any subject by posting a video message on the “Ask the PM” site. Gordon Brown has assured them, "I am here to answer your questions. Politicians get the chance in Prime Minister’s Questions. I think it is time the public had a chance." The new initiative has proved very popular with thousands of video questions already posted, within hours of the site going live. Topics include university fees and gun and knife crime. Mr Brown has said he will pick out the most popular questions and answer these via a video message posted on the You Tube site. Well now’s your chance. If you would like to put a question to the P.M., click on the link shown below:-

10 Downing Street Channel - You Tube

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