Thursday, May 08, 2008


Things are not going too well for poor Gordon Brown. Last Thursday the Labour party faced its worst defeat at the polls in 40 years. Now Madame Tussauds are having second thoughts on whether or not it’s worthwhile creating a waxwork dummy of the P.M., believing his days are numbered. Oh dear! The famous waxwork creators don’t think Gordon Brown has made a significant enough impression on the public to warrant having a waxwork model of him created. Apparently 10 Downing Street have also dragged their heels on arranging a date for the P.M. to have a sitting which hasn’t helped either. So now Madame Tussauds have decided to put it to the public vote and are holding their own General Election to decide the fate of Mr Brown! Visitors have until Tuesday to register their vote either on-line or at the museum and let Tussauds know whether or not they would like to see Gordon Brown immortalised in wax!

A waxwork of Mr Brown’s predecessor Tony Blair has proved to be a popular attraction at Tussauds and is a big hit with foreign visitors. However it remains to be seen whether or not the public decide that Mr Brown is a worthy candidate to take his place alongside Mr Blair and other world leaders at the famous attraction. Some critics argue that a wax dummy of Mr Brown would be a better decision maker and do a better job than the real thing! Whatever the outcome, Tussauds say they won’t reveal their decision until after the next General Election. As a spokesman for Tussauds mentioned, “We have decided not to create a figure of Gordon Brown at this interim stage. He may not be in the job much longer”. To register your vote and decide on the fate of our esteemed P.M., click on the link shown below:-

The Madame Tussauds Election - Gordon Brown In or Out - You Decide!

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