Sunday, July 20, 2008


We Brits have always been a nation of animal lovers with almost half of all U.K. households owning a pet. Dogs and cats are amongst the most popular. Pets play an important role in our lives and are usually affectionately referred to as, “part of the family”. Cats are probably the easiest pets to care for as they can more or less fend for themselves and don’t need to be taken out for walks. Although I do like cats, having spent most of my childhood growing up with dogs, I tend to be more of a dog person myself. Dogs certainly do make good, faithful companions, even if they do need to be taken out for walks. From a health point of view, walking a dog is very good exercise and a good way to keep fit and healthy. I was interested to hear that according to the results of a survey of teenagers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, children who own a pet dog tend to do better in exams. Oh well, maybe it’s time to give in and buy your child that longed for puppy after all! Better still why not adopt a rescue dog. There are loads of abandoned dogs and cats out there all looking for good homes and loving owners.


SandyCarlson said...

That's interesting about dogs and exams. It's a compelling reason to adopt one, too!

Sharon Lynne said...

I think that survey about dogs is true.

When my boys were growing up they would often talk to the dog when they got in trouble.

(I'm a dog person too!)

Marion said...

I'm a cat lover, even if I own two dogs and no cat at the moment, lol!

However, I think any pet is good for them a different view of things. Interesting that the survey showed better results in school, by the kids who owned pets.

Sheila said...

Naomi, I love dogs too. Supposedly, children who grow up with dogs are less prone to allergies--another great reason to love the critters.

Naomi said...

It's certainly is Sandy. There are a lot of stray dogs out there looking for good homes.

That's very true Sharon. Some children find it easier to communicate with animals rather than humans.

Pets and children go so well together Marion. Both cats and dogs make great companions for them.

Yes I heard that too Sheila, that children who grow up with dogs are less prone to allergies. Your little grandson should be ok. Nice to see you back on the Blogosphere again!

Kyle and Svet Keeton said...

What an interesting results, Naomi!

Kyle is absolutely a dog person, as for me I did not know that I was a dog person before we got our doggy. Now I recommend to everybody to have a dog as a pet. People just need to pick up a right breed for them - I am sure everybody can find such!

As for as we picked up "our right breed" at gas station, he is a mat but we knew he is "a right breed for us" from the first look1 ;)

Best wishes and keep up with your good articles,
Svet and Kyle

Naomi said...

Dogs make great pets Kyle and Svet. I used to have a West Highland White (Westie) terrier. I grew up always having a dog in the house and am very much a dog person, even though I do like cats too.