Monday, June 01, 2009


Congratulations to popular dance troupe Diversity, who were crowned the winners of 2009’s Britain’s Got Talent. The dance group who hail from London and Essex, take away a £100,000 prize and the chance to perform in front of Her Majesty the Queen at The Royal Variety Performance. They blew the judges and the audience away with their amazing “transformer” dance routine. Bookies’ favourite and global phenomena, Susan Boyle came second but was a gracious loser, telling Ant and Dec that the best people won and wishing Diversity all the best. Despite losing out to Diversity for the coveted No. 1 spot, Susan is expected to make millions from tv appearances, contracts and CD recordings. To see Diversity in action, click on the player shown below:-


Fran Hill said...

I thought they were fab, as was the other group, Flawless/Seamless/Faultless? Something like that! So I think it was a good result. Shame about old Boyle, though, especially with the latest news of her admission to the Priory. I'm not sure I'm happy with what's happened to her, I have to say. Mind you, I stick up for any frumpy people over 40, for personal reasons!!!

Jackie said...

I have watched the final, on the "Britain's Got Talent" Website, over and over again. Some great finalists.

I was hoping for Susan but Diversity were brilliant. Difficult to judge as it is like apples and pears being such different type acts.

I am sure a few of the finalists will do well in the future and not winning will not hamper this fact.

Naomi said...

They were called Flawless Fran! Diversity were good but it was a shame Susan didn't win. However the show has set her on the road to stardom. I'm glad she's out of The Priory and back to her old self again.

P.S. I agree. I'm over 40 myself Fran. We over 40's have to stick together!

Naomi said...

There are so many different types of acts Jackie, it must be very difficult to judge the winner. However the good thing about Britain's Got Talent is it gives acts exposure and sets them on the road to stardom.