Monday, June 01, 2009


In these credit crunch times when more and more companies are going to the wall and so many people are losing their jobs, it makes sense to support your country and buy British. Have you ever looked round your home and realised just how many items you have that were made and produced in other countries of the world, other than the U.K.? British businesses are the lifeline of our economy and need our support now. Like many other Brits, I’m an avid supporter of and always try wherever possible to buy British goods and services. Consequently I was very interested to hear about a new tv show about to hit our screens.

"Made in Britain" features award-winning tv comedian Dom Joly , as one man, literally stripped of everything he owns and challenged to buy British. Dom’s family home is also stripped from top to bottom of anything not made in this country. As you can imagine, once Dom’s Japanese tv, French pots and pans, German fridge and several other foreign household items have been removed, there is not much left and all that remains is an almost empty shell of a house with several empty rooms to fill! Dom is then challenged to travel the length and breadth of the country to try and replace all his foreign goods with British made ones. Every episode of the show features Dom dealing with a different room in his house and attempting to fill it with only British made goods. It’s very interesting to watch Dom on his travels to various popular British companies, some well-known and some not so well-known. He meets some quirky, colourful and interesting characters along the way, all of whom believe passionately in the quality of the products they produce. It’s all an exciting voyage of discovery for Dom as he travels around Blighty (as England is affectionately known!) and learns what it really means to be “Made in Britain”. Along the way he visits well-known British toiletries company Lush, now a global success story and also one of Europe’s oldest waterbed companies (surprisingly it was the Brits who first invented them and not the Americans as a lot of people believe!)

You can watch “Made in Britain” on Sky Channel 534 and Virgin TV 206. The new show starts next Monday (8th June) at 8.00pm.

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Jackie said...

I agree. I stopped buying imported goods ages ago.

Plus I am sure you find that British, like South African electrical and electronic goods are as well made as those from Europe and the States. Ours mainly due to our many years of sanctions which forced us to produce quality goods of our own which are of such a high standard that we now export to countries we used to import from.

We don't even benefit from cheap Chinese imports as they are shoddy due to being produced by almost slave labour. Their foodstuffs are very suspect as well having killed so many pets and human babies!

Buy local then you can get quality at a better price. Plus the added perk that you can take action if the goods are not up to standard.

SandyCarlson said...

I'm all for shopping local, too.

Naomi said...

There is definitely a lot to be said from buying locally produced goods Jackie.

Me too Sandy!