Monday, June 29, 2009


At a time when millions of foreign holidaymakers are flocking to Britain for their Summer vacation, gift and souvenir shops are gearing up for the holiday rush as eager tourists come in search of novel souvenirs to take back home. However according to the results of a recent poll, by far the most popular souvenir amongst foreign tourists is postcards of the Queen. The cards featuring her Majesty came in at No. 1 in a poll by B.A.A. at London Heathrow Airport, closely followed by Union Jack T-shirts and badges at No. 2 and replicas of Big Ben at No. 3. She may be in her eighties but The Queen is still as popular as she has always been and is one of the U.K.’s best ambassadors. She represents everything that is good about Britain and it’s not surprising that foreign tourists want to take Royal postcards home as a fitting reminder of their trip over here.


Fran Hill said...

She's a sweetie. I watched a programme a while ago in which Rolf Harris was commissioned to paint her portrait, and they were both filmed while it was being done. I always liked the Queen, but that programme made me really appreciate her. Did you see it? It was probably the closest and most intimate that cameras have been allowed to be, and Rolf Harris is just natural with everyone, so he brought her out of herself. Loved it.

SandyCarlson said...

That's neat. She has a timeless style.

CyberCelt said...

She is some woman. Her entire life, she has done what is "best for the country." Surrounded by weaker men, she had stood up and done it.

Naomi said...

I saw that programme too Fran. Rolf Harris is a wonderful musician and artist and it was nice to see Her Majesty so calm and relaxed with him.

She certainly does Sandy. It's hard to believe she is her eighties now!

Yes the Queen is a very strong woman, with a great sense of dignity and style. She does a wonderful job Cybercelt.