Sunday, November 16, 2008


Well it’s that time of year again! You know Christmas is just around the corner when the suite adverts start appearing on tv. It seems everybody wants a new settee in time for Christmas to impress the outlaws and other relatives! And if that wasn’t enough, next year’s calendars have been in the shops since September! It seems they have proved very popular with shoppers too! According to the results of a recent Woolworths survey, David Beckham is definitely the hottest date in Britain with his new calendar shooting straight to the top of the celebrity calendar charts and David is laughing all the way to the bank! Other popular celebrity calendars in the top 10 include Kylie Minogue, Cliff Richard, Dr Who star David Tennant and popular girl band Girls Aloud.


Anonymous said...

That is surprising to me. I thought David had lost his once rabid popularity with Brits, especially since the move Stateside.

SandyCarlson said...

I'd go for the new setee after Christmas so I could be the first to spill on it! Flip the cushions for next Christmas!

Christmas around the corner? Egads! You are right.

Marion said...

My granddaughter plays soccer. Beckham is her favourite and it sounds as if he is a favourite with lots of others.

This is a super blog, Naomi...always something to read of interest here.

Naomi said...

You would think so Melissa but David and Victoria are still as popular as ever over here.

Yes he's very popular over here Marion. Glad you're still enjoying your visits here. It's always nice to see you!

Naomi said...

Yes this year has really flown by Sandy! A new settee gets people every time!