Sunday, November 23, 2008


As the credit crunch continues to bite, It seems that more British workers than ever before are now cycling to work both to save money on petrol and public transport. According to the results of a recent survey by Sainsburys Home Insurance, up to eight per cent of workers and fifteen per cent of men are now cycling to their jobs on a daily basis resulting in big savings on transport costs. On average the survey found that using pedal power as opposed to cars or public transport, results in average savings of £33.70 a week or a whopping £11 million a year! Even more reason to cycle to work! There are also the health benefits as well.

Regular aerobic exercise such as cycling can help to reduce the risk of various life threatening conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer and diabetes. Cycling is one of the best forms of aerobic exercise available, giving the body a vigorous and energetic workout. It is the third most popular sport in the U.K. and one of the easiest to fit into your daily routine. Cycling helps to reduce obesity, burning away body fat and keeping the body toned and healthy. It is also one of the few forms of exercise that actually helps to reduce cellulite. Good news for women everywhere! Cycling home is a good stress reliever too, just the thing to help you wind down after a stressful day at work. Any form of exercise is also good for releasing lots of the body’s “feel good” hormones, helping to banish any symptoms of S.A.D. or the Winter blues. So what are you waiting for! Get on your bike!


Anonymous said...


One of my fondest memories is walking down the high street in Cambridge without the noise of traffic. I wonder if the no motor policy still holds. I enjoyed seeing the multitude of bikes lined up outside of the shops on a Saturday.

Marion said...

I love cycling. I don't go often, but there is nothing like the silence surrounding me and the wind in face, when I use the bike.

Naomi said...

It's at times like that you realise just how much cars pollute the environment Melissa. One of my friends has just moved down to Cambridge and she doesn't drive and cycles everywhere.

Cycling is such a great form of exercise Marion and good for clearing the mind and relieving stress too!