Sunday, November 16, 2008


Are you an accomplished sheep shearer or talented ballerina? Then Britain wants you! Under a new Australian style immigration points system, the two career options appear on a list of occupations where there is a skills shortage. The new system is described as the biggest shakeup of the immigration system for a generation. Other occupations where there is a skills shortage include chefs and pipe welders! It’s quite funny that Britain now has a shortage of accomplished sheep shearers, a popular occupation in some parts of Australia. In years gone by, many Britons with this skill would take the opportunity to emigrate to Oz to take full advantage of their skills over there but now it’s the other way round! There is a catch however. Pipe welders will need to have at least three years experience, sheep shearers will need to hold the British Wool Marketing Board Bronze Medal and chefs will need to be able to earn at least £8 per hour after board and lodging deductions. The new rules also demand that employers must prove that they can’t find a suitable employee to fill a vacancy locally before offering the job to an overseas applicant.

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