Sunday, March 12, 2006


In the news this week a blonde motorist was caught by a police camera doing over 30 miles per hour in a notorious accident blackspot area, whilst doing her makeup! Unbelievable! This comes not long after an incident where a women accidently drove her landrover into a freezing lake, using the excuse that she was having, "a blonde moment".

I noticed a couple of national newspapers posed the question, "Should blondes be driven from our roads?" Definitely not. As a blonde motorist myself, I would never dream of doing my makeup at the wheel. Hair colour doesn't affect your driving skills. In most cases it's lack of common sense. My advice to the police and other motorists is these were two isolated incidents, involving stupid women. Unfortunately it's women like these who give others like myself a bad name. There are some sensible women out there (including myself!). Please don't tar us all with the same brush!

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