Sunday, March 05, 2006


Tony Blair last night became the first serving Prime Minister ever to be interviewed on the popular British chat show, Parkinson. He also hit a storm of controversy after telling host Michael Parkinson that he relied on his conscience as well as his faith in God, when making the decision to go to war with Iraq. Mr Blair also believes that God will be the final judge on the Iraq war. It sounds like he's losing the plot to me. As the death toll of British troops in Iraq continues to mount, it’s the judgement of the British people that Tony Blair needs to be worried about and not God’s judgement. Politics and religion don’t mix. To blame divine intervention for going to war is just passing the book. A true Christian would never condone war or knowingly send people to their deaths. Many anti-war campaigners and military groups were disgusted by Mr Blair’s comments. He has also been fiercely criticised by the families of troops killed in Iraq. Mr Blair follows in the footsteps of his friend and ally George Bush who reportedly claimed his decision to invade Iraq was a "mission from God". For Mr Blair to blame going to war on God is truly bizarre. He is just using religion as a get-out clause rather than being man enough to take responsibility for his own actions.

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