Monday, March 27, 2006


Rescued British hostage Norman Kember settled back into home life again by attending a service yesterday at his local church. Many churchgoers were surprised to see the 74 year old peace campaigner so soon after his dramatic rescue. Mr Kember declined to discuss his experience of being held hostage for 4 months in Iraq and asked for privacy to reflect on his experiences.

In a statement Mr Kember said, "I do not believe that a lasting peace is achieved by armed force but I pay tribute to their courage and thank those who played a part in my rescue." He also thanked those people of all faiths who had prayed for his release. The dramatic rescue bid involved SAS, the American, Canadian and Iraq forces, who worked together to rescue Mr Kember and two other hostages. After the terrible murders of Ken Bigley and Tom Fox, at last we have some rare good news from Iraq. Everyone in Britain wishes Norman Kember and the two freed Canadian hostages well. After everything they've been through, they deserve it.

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