Sunday, March 19, 2006


The Queen is on her way back to Britain after completing a week long tour of Australia and Singapore. Over 80,00 people cheered and joined opera singer Kiri Te Kanewa, in singing Happy Birthday to Her Majesty (in celebration of her 80th Birthday next month), as the Queen officially opened the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne on Wednesday.

The Australian press described this as The Queen's "farewell tour", bearing in mind her age (she will be 80 this year) and also the fact that many Australians are keen to replace Her Majesty with a president. Many believe it's ludicrous to have a citizen of another country who only visits Australia occasionally as their Head of State. Despite this, the warm and rapturous reception that the Queen received at every stop on her latest tour made it clear she is still as popular as ever down under. Long may she reign over all of us!

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