Friday, June 20, 2008


President Bush arrived in Britain this week for what is expected to be his last official visit before he is due to leave office in January. Mr Bush held a joint press conference with Gordon Brown, where Mr Brown announced plans to send more troops into Afghanistan, whilst also announcing plans to start the withdrawal of troops from Iraq in the foreseeable future. 10 Downing Street played down suggestions of a rift between the two men as Bush urged Mr Brown to delay the withdrawal of troops from Iraq. Meanwhile Mr Bush spoke of how appreciative he was of the relationship he had with Mr Brown, particularly on the issue of Iraq.

Bush’s controversial visit was marred by violent clashes between police and anti-war protesters who caused havoc in Whitehall and across the capital. Anti-war protesters waved banners depicting Bush as the world’s no. 1 terrorist. President Bush must surely be the worst president the U.S. has ever had. I’m sure the American people will be glad when he leaves office next year. President Bush rounded off his visit with his wife Laura, by taking tea at Windsor Castle with The Queen and Prince Philip who no doubt bid him a fond farewell. Goodbye and good riddance would probably be more appropriate to a president who leaves behind the shameful legacy of Iraq. Not once has he shown any regrets for his actions which have left hundreds of thousands of innocent people dead, even when no evidence of weapons of mass destruction were found. I am quite surprised that the Queen and Prince Philip would want to entertain such a man. He has committed mass murder on an unprecedented scale. Most Britons, like the majority of people in the U.S. can’t wait to see the back of him.

Photo:- Courtesy of Yahoo News


Sharon Lynne said...

I, too, did not look forward to going to war with Iraq. Only time will tell if (history will tell) if this was a good decision.

War always takes innocent lives.

We had thousands of people perish in the United States due to terrorism on 9-11. Perhaps Bush had a knee-jerk reaction. I don't fault the man. I believe he sincerely tried to do the right thing throughout his presidency.

People do not dislike Bush as severely as the media reports. Our media loves to tear people down.

I wish they would represent other viewpoints (fairly).

Naomi said...

In an ideal world there would be peace with no wars Sharon. If only.... I'm sure there are some people who like George Bush, even if they are in the small minority!