Sunday, August 10, 2008


British Prime Minister Gordon Brown is planning on setting up his own tv channel in a bid to boost his flagging popularity with the voting public. The special tv channel, “No. 10 TV” will be accessed through the 10 Downing Street Website, which is currently undergoing a revamp. Online viewers will be able to see tv footage of Gordon Brown going about his day to day activities. Mr Brown is following in the footsteps of Conservative leader David Cameron whose WebCameron site has proved immensely successful, giving viewers a glimpse into both his private and public life.

Gordon Brown recently set up his own modern version of Prime Minister’s Question Time on video sharing website You Tube, after being accused of being out of touch with the digital age and also the youth culture of today. David Cameron once accused him of being, “an analogue Prime Minister in a digital age!” But not any more! Gordon Brown is now fighting back with his own tv channel. Wonder if we’ll be able to watch any soaps on there! To view the official No. 10 Downing Street website, click on the link shown below:-

Official No. 10 Downing Street Website


SandyCarlson said...

He sure does try, doesn't he? I hope it becomes meaningful.

Naomi said...

Yes he's trying very hard Sandy. Only time will tell if it will be enough to boost his popularity with the voting public.