Saturday, August 30, 2008


It seems that even the Queen is suffering the effects of the current credit crunch. She has dropped down to 12th place in Forbes list of the world’s richest monarchs. King Bhumibol of Thailand has topped the list with an estimated fortune of £19billion. Wow! Whilst the Queen is the 12th richest monarch in the world with an estimated fortune of £350million. Forbes say their estimate of the Queen’s fortune includes fine art, a stamp collection given to her by her grandfather George V, jewels and property. However many of the assets associated with the Queen, including Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle and the Crown Jewels are not actually her property but belong to the nation. The true value of the Queen’s personal property which includes Sandringham, has never been revealed. A Buckingham Palace spokesman insisted that the Queen’s personal wealth has always been “grossly exaggerated”.


Palm Springs Savant said...

Poor Betty Windsor. She should stop paying those foolish taxes!

Naomi said...

Yes we'd all much richer if we didn't have to pay tax Rick but unfortunately it's a fact of life for all of us!