Sunday, August 03, 2008


It was interesting to see Princess Anne wearing the same dress to Lady Rose Windsor’s wedding that she had worn some 27 years ago to Charles and Diana’s wedding. Lady Rose is the youngest daughter of The Duke of Gloucester, a cousin of the Queen. The Princess Royal has always been quite frugal, often wearing the same outfit on more than one occasion. She once remarked that economy was bred into her and her parents believed that things were not to be wasted. I’m sure the Princess is very pleased with herself that she can still fit into the same size 10 dress she wore 27 years ago! Not many women are so lucky. Her love of horse riding has obviously paid off and helped her to keep slim and toned. We can only hope that newly wed Lady Rose and her husband have better luck in their marriage than the ill fated union of Charles and Diana. Let’s hope that dress wasn’t a bad omen for them!


Jackie said...

Nice to see that she is frugal, too many Royals and celebrities waste so much.

Princess Anne is looking good. She is my favorite Royal for all the work she has done in Africa and other places. Very few know as she does it out of the spotlight.

Alastair said...

I'm all for recycling myself, good on you your highness! (Princess Anne, that is, rather than you Naomi, you are a princess in your own right, obviously)

I'll get me coat

Naomi said...

Yes Princess Anne is one of the hardest working mmembers of the Royal Family Jackie. It's nice to know that she is very frugal too and doesn't believe in spending money on lots of new outfits.

Obviously Alastair! ha ha! Princess Anne sets a good example for all of us recycling her clothes Alastair.