Monday, August 25, 2008


It’s official! For the first time ever, there are now more pensioners living in Britain than children. According to recent figures released by the Office of National Statistics there are now over 11 million pensioners in this country and 52,000 more pensioners than children under 16. Better nutrition and healthcare has meant that many people are now living longer with the over 80’s age group being the fastest growing. Government ministers are now struggling to find a way to fund the growing costs of social, health and nursing home care for Britain’s ageing population. The NHS is already restricting access to drugs which could benefit sufferers of Alzheimer’s and other conditions amidst fears that the financial strain could cripple the health service. I personally believe that this is very wrong. The age of people suffering from conditions like Alzheimer’s is irrelevant. What is important is that these people have worked all their lives and paid their taxes, some have even fought for this country in the war and the system is letting them down badly. I personally think this is a disgrace. They shouldn’t have to be the sufferers because the health service is in dire straits. Help the Aged, a charity representing the elderly in Britain, warned that the government must face up to the prospect of an ageing population and make a firm commitment to improve health services which enable people to stay healthy and independent for longer. I quite agree. Britain’s pensioners deserve nothing less.

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Helene said...

Thanks for your contribution to "Take Charge of Your Health Care Carnival." The health system should serve all of the people. I see that the U.S. is not the only health care system in trouble.