Sunday, October 19, 2008


It’s official Birmingham is Britain’s ugliest city. According to the results of a recent poll it is home to some of the ugliest buildings in Britain. Birmingham’s famous shopping centre, “The Bullring” came top of the list as Britain’s ugliest building. Birmingham’s Central Library came in at No.2 on the list and Birmingham’s Spaghetti Junction was also mentioned in the top 10. Even Prince Charles once condemned the Central Library, saying it resembled an incinerator more suited to burning books than storing them! Oh dear! It’s interesting to note that Birmingham’s Central Library could soon have the last laugh as English Heritage have recommended that it should have listed building status as it “defines an era” of the city’s history. I actually visited Birmingham on a day trip a while ago and didn’t think it was all that bad. I liked The Bullring shopping centre and thought it was very easy to find your way round. I found the people there very sociable and friendly too. But obviously the majority of the people surveyed don’t agree with me. Apparently many local people would like to see the Eiffel Tower or something similar in the middle of the city. By contrast, the famous French landmark was voted the most beautiful building in Europe.

Manchester’s Arndale Shopping Centre, Edinburgh’s Scottish Parliament Building and the Newcastle sculpture Angel of the North also came under fierce criticism for being ugly. Some people went as far as saying they would like to see Birmingham’s Spaghetti Junction, Liverpool’s Liver Building and also Plymouth’s Drakes Circus demolished as they are such eyesores.


Anonymous said...


I just had a conversation on the phone with my Scottish-ex about the changes taking place in Britain. I'm afraid I'm a bit of a traditionalist or a conservative you might say and normally don't like modern architecture. I saw the Bull Ring online a while back when I was doing research on Brum and I was quite taken aback I must say. I don't like the London Eye or the Gherkin either. But what can you do? This is progress as they say. (Or is it?)

Naomi said...

Yes this progress they talk about isn't always for the best unfortunately Melissa!

Almost American said...

The Liver Building an eyesore? No way!!

Naomi said...

I agree Almost American. Liverpool is one of my favourite cities and I've travelled on the ferry across the Mersey. Unfortunately everybody doesn't agree with us though! Thanks for visiting. Hope you enjoyed your time here.