Wednesday, October 29, 2008


As many businesses, particularly shops and restaurants struggle to survive the credit crunch, business is booming for one of our favourite fast food chains. McDonalds have reported serving over 100 million customers in the last 3 months up to the end of September. Bosses at the fast food chain put their success down to the fact they have recently revamped many of their restaurants and given their menu an overall too. There is also a good choice of special offer items on the menu which is probably why so many Britons are heading there as they look for cheaper dining options. The only downside is that junk food in excess can be bad for us. But on the other hand, as the old saying goes, “a bit of what you fancy does you good”. Moderation is the key. As most Britons know a McDonalds meal makes great cheap and cheerful comfort food in these recession hit times. Meanwhile Ronald McDonald is laughing all the way to the bank!


SandyCarlson said...

I love McDonalds. It was always a treat when I was a kid. I love the friendliness of it. So cheerful. No wonder they are doing well.

Marion said...

A big mac and fries...sometimes that combination just hits the spot! But it's really not that inexpensive any more. By the time all the accoutrements are added, the bill is about the same as at a better restaurant. Still good, though!

Sheila said...

I've been to McDonald's more lately. Not too good health-wise and not really that cheap. I did get a small chicken wrap and drink for under $3, which was filling enough for lunch.

Naomi said...

Yes I love the atmosphere at McDonalds too Sandy, even if the food is a bit unhealthy sometimes. It's still a great place! I always find the staff very friendly and helpful too.

It certainly does Marion. I agree, there are times when only a big Mac and fries will do and it's worth every penny!

Well they've actually been trying to give McDonalds a healthier image here in England Sheila. They now do more salads and fruit bags too - not that I buy many of them!