Sunday, October 12, 2008


As some of you know, I quite often receive funny e-mails from work colleagues and friends. I wanted to share this one with you. Here are some images of Credit Crunch Britain to lighten your day!

Will one be wanting fries with that?

(Oh dear! What's the world coming to - Her poor Majesty reduced to working in a burger joint!)

(Our favourite quiz show renamed! If the prices of petrol continue to soar, there'll be no shortage of eager Britons wanting to play for this. I'll be first in the queue!)


footnoteMaven said...

Glad to see that her poor Majesty is still wearing the family jewels to work.


Anonymous said...

I can't decide whether to laugh or cry at HRH. I guess humour is what gets us through, eh?

Sheila said...

Cute, Naomi.

Naomi said...

Yes one has to have some standards Footnote.

Yes we need to keep our spirits up in these difficult times Melissa.

Glad you like the piccies Sheila.