Monday, October 13, 2008


Gordon Brown has announced that he is moving out of No. 10. But don’t put the flags out just yet! The move is only temporary. Mr Brown and his team of key advisers need more space for their meetings to try and find solutions to the current global credit crisis. Under normal circumstances, the PM would be able to get the builders in to knock down walls to make more space. However as No. 10 is a listed building, major structural alterations are out of the question. Consequently our embattled PM has taken the decision to move himself and his advisers lock, stock and barrel into No.12, where they will direct operations from an open plan “war room”, although cabinet meetings will still continue to be held at No. 10. Currently No. 12 is home to the PM’s Press Office and the strategic communications unit.

By moving out of No. 10, Mr Brown has broken with more than 275 years of tradition. No. 10 Downing Street has been the seat of government since 1735. It is thought that Gordon Brown got his inspiration for the open plan office from New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg who also has one.

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