Sunday, April 26, 2009


Hannah Montana fever hit London this week as teen star Miley Cyrus wowed fans at the premiere of Hannah Montana The Movie in Leicester Square. The streets were lined with thousands of children and teenagers, some of whom had queued for hours to catch a glimpse of their favourite Disney idol. Dressed in a short and sparkley Herve Leger dress and silver heels, Miley didn't disappoint her loyal army of fans and looked quite the fashion icon, She was accompanied by her dad, country music singer Billy Ray Cyrus. To the delight of eager fans, Miley and her dad happily shook hands, signed autographs and posed for photographs.

Billy Ray, famous for his hit song Achy Breaky Heart (I loved that song!) spoke of his pride of both his daughter and the new film. It's definitely a case of life imitating art, as Billy Ray plays Miley's dad in the movie too. As Hannah Montana The Movie shot to no. 1 in its opening weekend in the States, Billy spoke of the amazing reaction of fans and said the new movie had a great cast and crew. The film follows on from the Disney tv series about Miley Stewart who leads a secret double life, acting as a normal teenager and schoolgirl by day but who dons a blonde wig by night to become singing star and alter-ego Hannah Montana. The movie follows Miley as she is ready to crack under the pressure of the soaring popularity of her singing sensation other half. Her dad thinks she needs a reality check and takes her back home to Tennessee, where movie goers can follow her fun and romance filled adventures. Billy Ray explained that going back to Miley's roots in Tennessee was the heart and soul of the film. Miley Cyrus is definitely one of Disney's shining stars. The Hannah Montana tv series has grown into a worldwide billion dollar phenomena. The tv series is loved by millions of children and teenagers, not just in Britain but the world over. I'm sure the movie will be just as popular. To see the trailer, click on the link shown below:-



smitten by britain said...

All I can say is "I'm sorry."

Naomi said...

And so you should be Melissa! Only joking! Well it was only a matter of time before Hannah hit our shores wasn't it!