Friday, April 17, 2009


What's for dinner? The eternal question and one that many busy wives and mums struggle to answer, particularly after a difficult day at work. Well it seems their prayers are about to be answered. I smiled when I read about the results of a recent report compiled by the Future Laboratory Consultancy on behalf of British electrical retailer Comet. The report predicts that in the future intelligent fridges and ovens will do the thinking for us! Interesting! Apparently in the next 10 years, we could see fridges that will make menu suggestions for dinner according to the contents inside them and even let us know when we're running low on supplies so we know exactly what to buy when we go shopping without forgetting anything! In the home of the future, intelligent bathroom scales will be connected to the kitchen and keep an eye on our waistlines. If we're putting on weight, the fridge of the future will make menu suggestions to encourage us to eat more healthily and shed the excess pounds.

Can't cook? Well that's not a problem either! The report predicts that in the kitchen of the future, intelligent ovens will automatically calculate the correct cooking times and conditions for every type of food, to ensure perfect results every time! If you live alone, that's no problem either! You'll never be lonely in the kitchen of the future as all singing, all dancing (well almost!) ovens and fridges communicate verbally with their owners, understanding and responding to our every need via Voice Recognition Technology. Sounds like fun! I wonder if they do the cleaning, washing and ironing and put the bins out as well? No doubt there will be some intelligent, labour saving devices to do that as well in 10 years' time. Can't wait!


Sank said...

Would this mean I wouldn't have to come to a bunch of young adults and a wife asking WHATS FOR DINNER WHATS FOR DINNER WHATS FOR DINER

Naomi said...

That's the idea Sank. Sounds like the answer to all your prayers!