Friday, April 17, 2009


I was interested to hear about the new Michelle and Barrack Obama dolls being brought out in the States. The President and his wife seem to be a well-liked and high profile couple. I'm sure the dolls will prove very popular with American children. I can't see the idea taking off here though. I can't imagine anyone wanting a Gordon Brown doll! Then again, maybe it would prove popular with some adults, if only to stick pins in! Things are in such a state in this country!


Sheila said...

Naomi, that is funny about your PM's popularity. Of course, you know there are plenty of Americans who would want to stick pins in the Obama dolls too. This tea and tax protest here last week seems to have brought out a bunch of them.

Pamela said...

Yep, I'll take one for sticking pins in, but you're right, I can't imagine anyone wanting one for any other reason.

Naomi said...

I heard about that Sheila. There was something on the news about it over here.

Neither can I Pamela. Gordon's popularity seems to be at an all-time low here at the moment.