Sunday, October 01, 2006


According to a recent survey, the most annoying habit for British motorists is people who “tailgate”, driving too close behind them. The second most annoying habit on the list was motorists who fail to indicate. I must admit that both these things annoy me when I’m driving. Speaking of people driving too close, a recent sign in a car's rear window made me smile, “If you come any closer introduce yourself!” Quite appropriate really!


Sheila said...

What about cell phone usage? Is it legal while driving? Only a few cities have ordinances against it in the USA. Chicago for one requires a headset. I don't know how many near misses I've had because of inattention. I look and sure enough, the driver is yaking away on the cell.

Naomi said...

Hi Sheila

Cell or mobile (as we say in England) phone useage whilst driving isn't legal here but drivers still openly flout the law, risking serious accidents and people's lives in the process. I did a good post about this issue a little while ago:-