Saturday, October 21, 2006


A government health minister has recommended that Britain’s youngsters need to double the time they spend in school P.E. (Physical Education/Keep Fit) classes to avoid childhood obesity. It is estimated that one million children will be obese by 2010 if nothing is done to help them. It is hoped that the preparations for London to host the Olympic Games in 2012 will renew youngsters' interests in sports and encourage them to do more exercise. New research shows that children who play weekly sports have a better academic performance and achieve better grades in school.

Meanwhile the Disney chain have shown their commitment to children’s long-term health by banning junk food from their US and Paris theme parks. Burgers and fries are off the menu from next month and are being replaced with healthier fare such as fruit, organic pasta and carrot sticks! Disney has also terminated its association with fast food chain Mcdonalds which used to put Disney toys in its happy meals. Let’s hope that other companies will follow suit and ditch the junk food so we can have a nation of healthier kids once again.

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